Friday, July 3, 2009


two works selected, ready to hang...

3rd Annual

Building upon the philosophy and success of the Rites of Passage exhibits for undergrads, Manifest offers a similar opportunity to graduate students for exhibiting at Manifest.

An annual offering, this third installment of the Master Pieces project will continue to reveal the
intensity and professionalism of students working towards their terminal academic degree in the field of art or design.

Often the most exceptional work comes out of these artists’ immersion in their culture of study and intellectual pursuit. Manifest’s goal, therefore, is to select works that in the truest sense of the word are contemporary masterpieces – works that set the standard of quality that the artist
is expected to maintain throughout his or her professional career. The exhibit catalog for this show will serve as a visual documentation of these artists’ own benchmarks for years to come.

This third annual Master Pieces project received 400 entries from 139 artists. The final selection includes 16 works by the following thirteen new masters:

Meredith Adamisin (Northville, Michigan)

John Carrasco, III (Lincoln, Nebraska)

Kyle Chaput (Corpus Christi, Texas)

Hima Chennamaraju (Indianapolis, Indiana)

Benjamin Clore (East Lansing, Michigan)

Rachel Heberling (Lewisburg, Pennsylvania)

Robert Hernandez (Jamaica Plain, Massachusetts)

Josh Johnson (Lincoln, Nebraska)

Sonia Lea (Bloomington, Indiana)

Robert Minervini (San Francisco, California)

Travis Shaffer (Nicholasville, Kentucky)

Japheth Storlie (Maquoketa, Iowa)

Kimberly Strom (DeKalb, Illinois)

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