Saturday, July 11, 2009

ART MARKET.... bizarre

I Sold ANDY WARHOL (too soon) by Richard Polsky

I am almost finished with this book, I got it free (official book doesn't release until September '09) at a book store on vacation in the Outer Banks, NC. It is essential this dealer's take on the Art Market, etc. The moral of the story is don't sell your Andy Warhol (if you have one) Because you need the cash for your new wife... He sold his "fright wig" for just under 400K in 2006, and it is now worth upwards of 1mil. So if you happen to possess a Warhol. Which i can assume no one reading this will. Don't Sell it. Or do but be prepared to kick yourself as it i will continue to be worth more and more money. Until there are no more uber rich people. Which i suspect will never happen.

I got this book on the day i planned on buying "The 12 million dollar stuffed shark".
It is in my opinion a different take on most of the same information. The Shark book is written by an Economist, so it presents a less personal, more statistic look at the market and its absurdities.

I recommend Either book (or both).

In regards to the other Stuff I choose to read, for example "APPROPRIATION" a collection of
essays edited by David Evans, including authors including, Walter Benjamin, Roland Barthes, and other
more difficult thinkers. These two books have been a relaxing and comical (and slightly depressing) look into the
big money behind ART WORLD PROPER!


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